Medigap Plan B

What it covers

Medigap Plan B is one of the 10 options for Medicare Supplement coverage. The coverage is essentially the same as Medigap Plan A, with the difference being the Part A deductible.

Medigap Plan B covers:

  • Medicare Part A hospital costs and coinsurance
  • First three pints of blood when getting bloodwork
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance or copay
  • Medicare Part A hospice care coinsurance or copay
  • Medicare Part A deductible

With Plan B, any out-of-pocket expense in these categories will be covered for you. You will not have to foot the bill, as your Medigap Plan has already done that for you.

What it doesn’t cover

Medigap Plan B does not mean you will never have an out-of-pocket expense ever again. You will still have to pay for leftover costs when it comes to your Part B deductible and excess charges, and coinsurance for skilled nursing care. Medigap Plan B will also not cover any costs for emergency treatments you receive when you are traveling in a foreign country.

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